Astrological Charts by Laura ✨

Astrological Charts by Laura ✨


Laura's Astrological Readings

Laura, our in-house astrologist, has been mapping births for over 26 years.  She offers two different types of charts:


1.  Birth Chart (Natal Chart)-  This chart maps what the universe looked like on the day you were born.  Astrology charts can turn up surprising insight about your patterns and preferences. They’re an excellent way of understanding your own “blind spots” and using that knowledge for personal growth and self-improvement. You can learn which talents to develop and where you may have weak spots to develop.


2. Synastry Chart (Compatibility Chart):  This chart maps both persons and looks at them side by side.  This will construct a view of compatibility for the two person's being read.  


For the Natal and Synastry Charts a birth time is needed for 100% details of the planets at the moment of your birth.  If you DO NOT know your birth time, approximately 20% of the details you would normally recieve will not be in your chart. 


You can expect your chart sent via email within 24-48 hours (many are sent before this timeframe)

  • Important Info

    • Please expect your chart via email within 24-48 hours
    • Date Time is needed for 100% of planetary mapping on the date of your birth.  Otherwise, you will not receive approximately 20% of mapping information
    • Please be sure to provide information requested (name, date, place and time)