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"The cards chose me, I did not choose them."

I used to play with a regular decks of cards when I was a young girl.  They answered my questions and I felt connected to them.  It was not until I was in college that the Tarot presented itself to me.  Finally.  This was a form of communication that allowed me to connect with the universe.  Since the early 1990s, these cards have been vital to my spiritual journey and the way I engage with others.  Although I always had the cards in my life, it was not until I was an adult that they took charge.  I can honestly say that they wanted to be in the forefront of my life and I wasn't listening.  They told me to make big changes with them...start a bigger journey with them.  I believe that my relationship with them matured over time and my life experiences in love, parenting and working in mental health gave me a foundation that was meant to compliment my journey with the Tarot. 

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