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Packages & Subscriptions

Healing, Learning, Receiving and Gifting Options

  • Tarotgram Package

    Every month
    To gift throughout the month
    • Five Tarotgrams per month to give or use yourself
    • Monthly subscription until you cancel
    • Use for birthdays, holidays or for cheering someone up!
    • 20% Savings versus buying them individually
  • Weekly Message

    Every month
    One card reading weekly via message
     5 day free trial
    • Weekly Message From Christine and the Tarot
    • Stop subscription at any time
  • Sage Lady Box

    Every month
    Sage Lady Merchandise every month! Free Shipping
    • Monthly package sent to your door
    • Instructions on how to use items in your box
    • Shipping included!
  • 3-3-3 package

    Every month
    Three-Card Reading 3x/month
    • Two 3- card readings each month
    • Cancel Anytime
  • The Giver of Gifts

    Every year
    10 Full Email Readings to give to friends annually
    • 10 Full Email Readings to individuals of your choosing
    • One time 20% coupon for the Sage Lady merchandise
    • Give to others or use for yourself :-)
  • A Year of Tarot

    Every year
    One Year of Virtual Readings (Skype or Zoom)
    • One Reading each Month via Skype, Zoom, phone or email
    • 10% off Sage Lady Merchandise one time coupon code
    • 12 Readings in total (you save $110 per year)
  • Tarot Instruction

    From Beginner to Professional
    Valid for 6 months
    • Fruit to Nuts! 13 Sessions
    • 45 Minute sessions virtually via Skype or Zoom
    • Personalized Lessons and coaching just for you
    • Learn Tarot and Never use a book again
    • Once you learn, create a professional plan
    • All at your own pace
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