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Learn The Tarot

Christine is a firm believer that everyone has the inner intuition to read the Tarot.  Sometimes, we need a little help getting us there.  Below, you will find several ways Christine can help you on your journey.....

Put Down That Book!

When Christine put the book down, it was truly when she started to listen and communicate the Tarot. This workshop is desined to minimally teach foundational conecepts while using your own intuition.  Everyone leaves reading the cards. Look for upcoming workshops in events or contact Christine to provide a workshop near you!

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Personalized Training and Mentorship

Christine will meet with you if you are a beginner to learn the Tarot.  She can also mentor the novice looking to become a Professional Tarot Reader. 

In Person and Skype consultations are available. Please click HERE to book your training.

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Academy Of Intuitive Pratices

The Academy of Intuitive Practices provides extensive training in Tarot and other forms of intuitive learning. Established in July 2019, the Academy provides online and local courses.

Go HERE to Learn More:

Academy of Intuitive Practices
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Arcana: A Novelistinc Journey With The Tarot

Join Christine of Cups as she guides you through a journey of four families in you learn each and every card in the Tarot. You will find the title of each podcast represents a Tarot card. The journey will show the different paths of all of our unique characters in Arcana. Through this fictional story, learn the "feeling" of each card while enjoying a novel that comes to life on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

For More Info and to listen to the podcast click HERE.

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