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The new website....

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

If you are here, you know....

It looks different.

Thank you for stopping in and checking out the new website. was getting "busy" and I decided to delete it and start over. So, here we are! You will find these exciting new things available:

CLEANER visual enjoyment I know, the purples and moving clouds were slowing it up and were probably getting a little annoying. Enjoy the new, cleaner version.

BOOKING and scheduling made easier! No more connecting with me back and forth to schedule! When you purchase a reading via "face to face", phone, skype or Zoom you will be selecting a date/time from my new trusty calendar!

BOOKING for Ventnor Coffee! You will now have the option to book for Ventnor Coffee on Sundays! Upon scheduling, you can choose to pay online or when you meet me!

LEARNING the Tarot is now available through several options! My 5 hour workshop, reserving mentor and/or Skype sessions .....and just wait until you see what is coming!

I am always changing, growing and following my own little path. If you have any feedback for me...please don't hesitate to contact me through the site or email me:

Love & Light!


New paths can be so refreshing......

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